The Story

Our Philosophy

To create art that is as comfortable and wearable as it is beautiful.

Launched in 2020, Carnal Flora is a botanically inspired contemporary brand with an androgynous take. We take pride in knowing that we pay close attention to the details and construction of every style that we produce. We ensure that each style has a fit that can be flattering on a wide variety of body types, made with textiles that feel as good as they look, and will last in your closet for years to come. We want to make a positive impact on the fashion industry and our planet by creating comfortable and long-lasting apparel and accessories. We strive to design clothing that create a story and last to get passed down to tell that story.

With so many brands producing a plethora of styles, the main problems that occur are inconsistent fit and poor textile quality. Carnal Flora is dedicated to making sure that we're giving the best quality every season. Here's how:


The Atelier to the Globe

We begin by analyzing what the collection's story will entail. Once the story line has been decided, the first concept sketches are created. As we engineer the designs into the first physical samples in our own Atelier, we simultaneously search for and select the most exceptional fabrics and trims.


Design & Development

We then take the specifications of the garment, build a blue print, and send it to our partnering factory to have the first factory sample built.



an example page from one of our blue prints

When we receive our factory's first sample, we test the fit, durability, resilience and comfort before starting production to ensure that it meets our quality standards.



We would never hastily produce a style in order to fill space on a rack.


Final Product

After the corrections have been made on our factory's test sample and approved by our design team, we make sure to have two different size fit models wear the graded sizes small and large to ensure consistency between sizes.

When this process is finished, we begin production, receive our goods, and ship these pieces to your favorite boutique or right to your door.