Ethical Production

Ethical Production


As a brand, we love working with small batch factories (or "micro factories") all over the world that specialize and master the production of their specialized product category. Working with these facilities allows us to spend more time focusing on the artwork/design, fit, customer service and fulfillment here in Los Angeles.

We do not work with one micro factory for every type of item as that would be impossible. Every micro-factory exists to focus on one product category. We build close relationships and get to know these facilities and would never disqualify the quality of a factory because of the country of origin. 

Every apparel factory that we work with is WRAP certified and every accessory factory is BSCI certified. Both BSCI and WRAP certifications are recognized around the world as proof of social compliance. They only certify individual production units, not parent companies or brands, allowing their auditors to get an on-the-ground perspective of each facility’s day-to-day operations and ensure real compliance.

Learn more about WRAP's principles here: WRAP Compliance


Learn more about Amfori BSCI's principles here: Amfori BSCI Compliance